Swami Ambrish Chetanya sewa samiti (SACSS), an end-to-end training & skills provider is all geared to tap this opportunity by offering Skill based programmes for schools & colleges.Countries at all development levels find that adequate education and skills increase the ability to innovate and adopt new technologies. They make the difference between inclusive growth and growth that leaves large segments of society behind. A workforce that have been appropriately trained and is able to continue learning, boosts students confidence thus job growth.

Today an organization requires a multi skilled employee who has technical knowledge, good analytical skills, flexibility and is proactive. They need creative problem solvers, smart and skilled enough to move with new technologies and with the ever changing competitive environment. They need employees accustomed to collaborate with their colleagues to participate in quality circles, to deal with their seniors, peers and subordinates. Hence communication skills and people skills should be necessary skills of the modern work force. At SACSS, we are committed to meet the above expectations, as we understand the needs well. How we learn and how we teach are adapted to the changing requirement of the corporate world.

The Career Services Division imparts training to students from the first year onwards giving emphasis to motivational skills, interpersonal relationships, leadership qualities group discussions and interview techniques. We believe Placement Planning begins from day one. We believe in imbibing employability skills in all the major spheres which the student goes through at our institut

There are various soft skill workshops conducted where they are given inputs on improving communication skills. They get relevant training of interview techniques, presentation, aptitude and attitudinal skills by industry experts. This program not only imparts the students with industry relevant abilities like business communication and e-mail writing but also with  necessary on the job soft skills proficiencies like problem solving, presentation skills and work place etiquette. Hence, vocational training is a pillar of our education system but it needs to be revived. It is a great alternative to study what the market demands. It promotes education and can give a break from high dropout rate of students after high school.

Corporate Training & Vocational Education & Training should be considered an important aspect of education and development to make students apt for a job. Our organization which offer vocational training which means that a student just after high school has the option of acquiring skills he/she desires to be able to be suitable for a job along with a selected vocational stream which can serve as a great alternative for students

Corporate Training & Vocational Education & Training,builds a formidable work force to enhance the nation’s economy. It offers a wide range of job opportunities and doesn’t cost much compared to the tremendous amount of money a conventional degree requires